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The RJ Moeller Show: Ken Green

The newest episode of “The RJ Moeller Show” welcomes the American Enterprise Institute’s Kenneth P. Green to the podcast for an in-depth interview, and features a lively conversation with Values & Capitalism’s own Eric Teetsel. Ken Green An environmental scientist by training, Ken Green focuses on policy and regulations involving energy and environmental health. He is a prolific writer of policy studies and articles, blogs regularly at AEI’s Enterprise blog, and is a monthly contributor to AEI’s web magazine, The American. Ken speaks frequently to the public and in the media, and has testified before regulatory and legislative bodies at local, state and federal levels. He is also the author of a recent book entitled “Abundant Engergy,” in which Green provides a brief history of our reliance on different sources of energy, explores the viability of both current and potential future sources, and offers a vision for the task of fueling human prosperity in the 21st century. You can follow Ken on Twitter at @KennethPGreen. During our time with Eric Teetsel, this 1992 Wall Street Journal op-ed from the pen of former Senator George McGover (D-SD) is dissected and discussed. The liberal Democrat who ran for president against Richard Nixon in 1972 started his own small business after leaving Congress and learned just how cumbersome many of the tax and regulatory policies he had supported while in office truly were to the American entrepreneur. Stream this episode below, or find us on your iTunes!