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The RJ Moeller Show: Tim King and Eric Teetsel

Joining R.J. and Eric Teetsel on this week’s episode is Tim King, director of communications for Jim Wallis’s organization, Sojourners. A native of New Hampshire, Tim is a graduate of North Park University, a former community organizer in Chicago, and has been with Sojourners since 2008. He frequently posts thought-provoking pieces at God’s Politics Blog. Tim is a young man who takes his faith very seriously and has committed his life to affecting real change in matters of poverty and justice. Follow our friend Tim King on Twitter at @tmking. Tim King of Sojourners You are going to enjoy the conversation R.J. moderated between the free-market Teetsel and social-justice King. Topics discussed include: caricatures of the “Religious Right,” how Sojourners views a place like AEI (and vice versa), and what common ground can be found among Christians who differ in their views on economic solutions to our nation’s current troubles. The goal was to engage in a serious, thoughtful and civil dialogue. You can judge for yourself, but as far as the three key players in this exchange were concerned—mission accomplished! Stream the episode live below, or subscribe and listen for free on your iTunes!