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Top Ten: The Best of Values & Capitalism 2012

Below are our most popular posts of 2012. Thank you for contributing to the discussion at Values & Capitalism this past year. Happy New Year! 10. Book Review: “Free to Choose” by Kurt Jaros
This Christmas I asked for and received “Free to Choose” by Milton and Rose Friedman. I’ve been a big fan of Milton for a while now, be it reading some articles online or watching YouTube videos of him. My goal over the next several weeks is to write a post for each of the chapters to summarize his points and present something I’ve learned.
9. Distributism vs. Capitalism by Joy Pullmann
A number of my thoughtful, Christian friends have become (or nearly become) distributists as we have moved through college and into life. This is a sort of “third way” economic model advocated decades ago by G.K. Chesterton and Hillaire Belloc, somewhat between capitalism and socialism but not yet mercantilism or the sort of gunked-up interventionist economy America has now. (I never thought I’d write sentences so laden with five-dollar terms—forgive me.) Distributism is regularly assumed and held forth on the excellent internet pages of Front Porch Republic.
8. For the Love of Country: Why We Should Tax Olympic Medalists by Alexis Hamilton
Though I’m certain that many athletes in London are too preoccupied at the moment to join the debate, any medal winner who recognized that his or her service as a representative of America didn’t have to be rewarded with special tax treatment would earn even more respect from many of their fellow Americans—which is something far more valuable than a tax break.
7. Christian Hipsters Say Capitalism Is So Over by Elise Amyx
Even if Christian hipsters reject the “cool” label, their anti-capitalist convictions have nonetheless become very trendy these days. Supporting leftist economic policies isn’t original anymore. And after four years of Obama’s economic policies and another four on the horizon, we should ready ourselves to hear a new catch-phrase from these Christian hipsters: “Obamanomics is so over.”
6. The Morality of Capitalism by Isaac Morehouse
Isaac Morehouse is taking us through an eight-part series on the morality of capitalism. He’s demonstrating how capitalism not only “passes the minimum test by failing to violate basic moral standards,” but it’s also a system that works to actively promote morality.
6. Four Things Christian Libertarians Believe by Jacqueline Otto
Fundamentally, Christianity is about our freedom, or rather our ability to choose to have a relationship with God—our choice to believe in him. To the understanding of Christian libertarians, freedom in our everyday, utterly practical lives means the free exchange of goods and ideas, the freedom to speak one’s mind, the freedom to travel, the freedom to pursue happiness, the freedom to reap what one sows, and the freedom to come to one’s own terms with God.
5. The Bible and Economics: Will There Be Inequality in Heaven? by RJ Moeller
I believe many Christians have an aversion to free enterprise and entrepreneurial activity and have shifted to the Left on economic policy because they believe God is intolerant of inequality. They might say, “Why should I actively or even passively support an economic system that requires some end up with less than others?”
4. The Hunger Games Roundup with posts by Wesley Gant, Jordan Ballor, Eric Teetsel and more
On our blog and across the Internet, “The Hunger Games” series and its themes of oppressive regimes and the size and power of government have been widely discussed. Below is our series of alternate endings and also some of the best articles on the message of “The Hunger Games.”
3. The RJ Moeller Show: Mark Steyn and John O’Hurley by RJ Moeller
This is as good as podcasting gets, folks. “The RJ Moeller Show” is a star-studded episode this week, and we open things by having a candid, in-depth conversation with the actor John O’Hurley—Mr. Peterman from “Seinfeld.” In the second segment of this week’s show, we are thrilled to welcome columnist-of-the-world, best-selling author and the conservative international Man of Mystery, Mark Steyn!
2. Rockstar Capitalism in the Developing World by Greg Lane
The three quotations below carry virtually the same message, yet come from very different sources:
  1. “Aid is just a stop-gap. Commerce [and] entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid.”
  2. “In dealing with poverty here and around the world, welfare and foreign aid are a Band-Aid. Free enterprise is a cure.”
  3. “Entrepreneurship is the most sure way of development.”
1. Five Books You’ll Love if You Liked The Hunger Games by Jacqueline Otto
If you liked “The Hunger Games” trilogy, there is a whole vast world of dystopian literature that I would love to introduce to you. Books with real conclusions and characters with actual convictions. To start with, here are five of the best.