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Values & Capitalism Goes to Wheaton

On October 10-11, two members of V&C’s team, Josh Good and Greg Lane, traveled to the Windy City to meet with Wheaton College faculty members, Wheaton students and professors at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. One trip highlight was meeting with the leadership of Wheaton’s Hastert Center for Economics, Government, and Public Policy, which will host an all-campus V&C event next semester. We also gave a student workshop entitled “Navigating DC Jobs and Internships,” which compiles a concise set of resources for today’s students, who are rightly asking hard questions about their economic prospects in today’s economy. (Feel free to email us if you’d like a copy of our one-page handout.) Wheaton FacultyWe moderated a lively three-member faculty panel, which brought out more than 75 students and college guests—consisting of a wide-ranging discussion on Christian faith, food stamps usage, candidate religion, tax policy, economic growth and social responsibility. Students posed challenging questions, demonstrating strong interest in these issues, even as points of view clashed. The evening discussion was prompted by a student-led initiative this fall to encourage voter registration by Wheaton College students. So far, more than 500 students have registered to vote, suggesting that, as our friend Joe Carter and a provocative new Public Policy Research Institute poll on Millennials suggest, today’s evangelical students are likely to remain as engaged as ever in shaping America’s political landscape in the coming decades. With trips this month to Bryan College, Cedarville University and Messiah College, we’ll be sure to check back in soon.