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Values & Capitalism on Campus: Bryan College

On October 24, Bryan College hosted a “Commoner Forum” on free trade and fair trade, featuring AEI resident scholar Claude Barfield. Dr. Barfield addressed fundamental questions on the issue, including: What exactly is free trade? What does history tell us about the merits of free trade? Does outsourcing create or destroy jobs? What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of fair trade? Following the lecture, Dr. Barfield took questions on trade as it relates to the 2012 election, the effects of trade on developing nations and public policy that deals with the economic impact of freer trade. Claude Barfield at Bryan College The following day, Dr. Barfield spoke to an American Political History class on trade, China and the election. Dr. Barfield outlined China’s recent economic history, its impact on the US economy and the challenges facing Asia as nations become wealthier and more globally integrated. Claude Barfield Bryan College For further reading on the issue of trade, check out our book “Swap: How Trade Works.” Our next campus event will be at Messiah College on Tuesday, November 13 at 7:00 pm on the topic of sustainable energy.
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