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Posts by Isaac Morehouse

Isaac Morehouse is a gifts officer at the Institute for Humane Studies where he helps raise support for the Institute’s programs. Prior to IHS, Isaac worked at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy where he created and directed Students for a Free Economy. He also spent over three years in the Michigan House of Representatives, was involved in a small business startup, founded an international humanitarian nonprofit, and ran a local taxpayer advocacy group. Isaac is a frequent lecturer to student groups on economic ideas, communication skills, the philosophy of freedom and more. He holds a master’s degree in economics with a focus on the Austrian School from the University of Detroit Mercy, and he received his bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy from Western Michigan University. He love cigars, music, football, his wife and kids, and his job. Follow Isaac on Twitter at @isaacmorehouse.

Democracy Is Not Our Savior

Imagine if your local grocer used mass voting to determine what to stock on the shelves. Everyone in a 30-mile radius of the store would get a ballot every few years, and you could vote on what items they should sell. Think long and hard about what people would vote...

Henry Hazlitt’s Lessons for a Life of Liberty

One hundred and eighteen years ago this month marks the birth of the great economic thinker and communicator Henry Hazlitt. Hazlitt is probably best known today for his book “Economics in One Lesson,” but his life also provides valuable personal lessons on...