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Who Is Julia and Why Should I Want Her Life?

Last week, some upstart campaign staffers on President Obama’s re-election campaign had a brilliant idea. They designed one of those super-cool slideshows that are in this year, and told the story of fictional woman named “Julia.” There is a light side and a dark side to Julia’s story. The light side is how awesome her life is because of President Obama, and the dark side is how conservative policies would ruin her life. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should check it out. While I’m sure the adjective the said staffers were hoping “The Life of Julia” would be reviewed as would be powerful, or thought-provoking, or monumental—the only way either side has described it is creepy. The show follows this fictional “Julia” through most of her life and shows at all stages how she is dependent upon the government. Commentator Derek Hunter on TownHall described poor Julia’s situation this way:
You know what else is not part of the narrative? That she never once stood on her own… Julia’s life has replaced what 100 years ago would’ve been “the role of a man in her life” with government. Julia is not a strong woman. She’s a weak stereotype who depends on big brother for everything in her life.
Speaking of Big Brother, this does seem like a piece of propaganda does seem like something from the Ministry of Truth. One of the most telling pieces of commentary is this video where even the self-described “progressives” and “Marxists” on MSNBC are astounded by Julia’s creepiness. The only positive review I did manage to find for “The Life of Julia” was an article on the left-leaning The Daily Beast, in which a New York City-based advertising director calls the slide show “effective” because it is business-like and “to the point.” In my humble opinion, the “effectiveness” of the medium served to make the message even creepier. The whole thing is simply a product of liberal group-think, where the designers forgot they lived in the United States of America—the land of the free, the home of the brave, and the one country remaining in the world where cradle-to-grave policies don’t sell.