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Camryn Zeller

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Camryn Zeller was selected as a 2020 Blog Contributor for the Initiative on Faith & Public Life and is a junior at Hope College where she studies economics, political science, and math. On campus, Camryn is involved in many student organizations, including Markets & Morality, campus ministries, and is an oration coach for Hope’s Nykerk tradition. She is currently participating in Hope College’s Washington, DC Semester as an intern for the Initiative on Faith and Public Life at the American Enterprise Institute. In the summer of 2020, she will head back to Michigan to be one of the orientation directors for Hope College. After graduation, Camryn plans to work for the West Michigan community through government or non-profit work.

Can COVID-19 help us find what we’ve been searching for?

As a society, we have been practicing physical distancing and respecting stay-at-home orders for about a month and a half, and I have to admit, I have run out of ideas to keep myself busy during my time at home. I have baked countless pies, cookies, and loaves of...

Where Did Our Trust Go?

In my previous blog post, I made the argument that a free market system relies on relationships of trust in order to coordinate the abilities of producers to serve the real needs and wants of consumers. However, there is a non-trivial sense in the American public...

Fueled by Trust: Why the free-market system doesn’t depend on greed

When most people think of free markets, their first inclinations do not usually fall to their recent trip to the grocery store or to a conversation they had at the farmers market. Many instead characterize free enterprise as an engine of exploitation and inequality...