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Clara Keuss

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Clara Keuss was selected as a 2020 Blog Contributor for the Faith & Public Life blog and is a Sophomore at Pepperdine University where she studies international studies with a concentration in the Middle East and North Africa. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Clara is interested in foreign policy and humanitarian work, and studied abroad in Jordan in 2019, which cemented her passion for studying foreign relations between America and the Middle East. She plays French horn for Pepperdine's orchestra, and is a part of Pepperdine's AEI Executive Council. On campus, she is also the outreach coordinator for Pepperdine's University Ministries program and an instructional technology assistant at the Caruso School of Law.

The Power of Local

With the uncertainty of quarantine dictating our current social norms, a looming question many of us face going forward is this: how do we re-engage in society post-isolation with purpose and meaning? Put another way, to revise and reconsider Thoreau’s famous dictum:...

How Nationalist Endeavors Polarize

This decade has seen a sharp rise in nationalism internationally ranging from the ideological, such as President Donald Trump’s political platform, to the legally enforced as seen with Brexit. Yet, despite attempts at national unification, parallel movements of...

A Church for the “Nones”

The decline of church attendance among millennials is a framing issue of the modern world, reflective of the changing structure for our society. To understand the drop in church affiliation among millennials, which is viewed as a symptom of the increasing...