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Ella Sullivan

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Ella Sullivan is the spring 2021 intern for the Initiative on Faith & Public Life. She is a graduate of The University of Dallas where she majored in politics with a concentration in International Studies. She was a University of Dallas Trustee Scholar, Hatton W. Sumners Scholar, and the chair of UD's American Enterprise Institute's Executive Council. She spent a semester abroad in Marino Italy, and a semester interning in Rome for the international media company EWTN as their social media specialist.

Overcoming the Political Language Barrier

Often when speaking with someone who does not share your political views, it can feel as though words get lost in translation. A phrase you did not think twice about can be latched onto and cause unforeseen reactions. You think you are debating a specific principle,...

Pro Deo, Domo, et Patria: Timeless Lessons from Dostoevsky’s Demons

Outside of a gymnasium, on the campus of a small Catholic high school in downtown Phoenix, there is an unassuming plaque that reads, Pro Deo, domo, et patria. This translates from Latin to “For God, home, and country.” On every tour I gave to prospective students, I...

Doomsday Prepping: To What Extent Should We Depend on our Government?

Back in the relatively uneventful era of the early 2010s, my family and I enjoyed a National Geographic series called “Doomsday Preppers.” The fascinating people featured in the show were preparing for the apocalypse, or something close to it. We would sit in front of...