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Posts by Josh Farquhar

Josh Farquhar is a junior at Dallas Baptist University studying politics, philosophy, and economics. He was selected as a 2020 Blog Contributor for the Faith & Public Life blog. Josh's interests include foreign languages and cultures, which led him to begin studying Russian during high school. During his sophomore and junior years of high school, he was awarded the University of Texas’ Modern Languages Award for Outstanding Students. Additionally, Josh lived in Russia during the summer of 2019 to immerse himself in the language and culture of the region. Josh currently serves as the chair of the AEI Executive Council at Dallas Baptist University.

Mercenaries: A Battleground in Public Discourse

“A one-year contract to live and work in China, flying, repairing and making airplanes. Pay is as much as $13,700 a month with 30 days off a year. Housing is included and you’ll get an extra $550 a month for food. On top of that, there’s an extra $9,000...

Does the United States Have a Moral Obligation to Protect Taiwan?

Hong Kong woke me up. For years, political forecasters have warned us that China is ready to strike at peace and freedom in Asia; we just hadn’t seen it yet. I believed them, and I agreed it was coming, but this fast? Over the last year we have witnessed a city...

America is Selling Her Soul to a Cult of Reason

The separation of church and state is under ruthless attack. For the past two centuries, the United States has maintained an important distinction between these institutions. Congress has made no law respecting an establishment of religion, and religious minorities...