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Tennyson Bush

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Tennyson Bush is a senior economics and international politics major at Wheaton College where he serves as managing editor of "The Wheaton Record." He was selected as a 2020 Blog Contributor for the Faith & Public Life blog. In summer 2019, he interned in the economics section of the US embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine. This is his third year as a member of Wheaton’s AEI Executive Council.

The Lockdown Paradox

On a warm December morning in Sarasota, Florida, people throng the local Wawa, pouring coffee, ordering breakfast and exchanging morning pleasantries. The only evidence of a pandemic are plastic shields in front of the cash register and the ignored “masks required”...

Can Nuclear Energy Save Us from Climate Change?

If you want to understand the economics of the climate crisis, look no further than France and Germany. Despite its projected $580 billion investment in renewables by 2025, Germany records ten times higher greenhouse gas emissions than France. Meanwhile, French...

It’s Time for the Church to Hold Political Leaders Accountable

In October 2019, a parish priest in South Carolina denied Joe Biden communion over Biden’s support for abortion rights, making national news. Amid the hot takes on whether priests should refuse communion on political grounds, the real question went unasked: Why are we...